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1910 Marchant House

The GCHV Foundation purchased the Marchant House from the Marchant Family in 2014.  The Foundation has been restoring the house to its early Victorian glory in phases.  As of the Fall of 2022, the exterior is almost complete and work is starting on the inside.

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1900 Youtz Carriage House

In 2022, the Youtz Carriage House was gifted to the GCHV Foundation by the current owners of the property at 117 N 1st Street.  The brick home at this location was built by the Youtz Family in 1913 and was used as both a residence and a store for the Youtz Millinery.  The carriage house will be relocated to the GCHV and placed behind the Marchant Home.

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Monarch Butterfly GCHV Garden Oct 12 2013 Panora Iowa.jpg

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden around the Teale Gazebo has been an ongoing project for many years but 2023 is the year we finally complete this project.


Museum Building Exterior Improvements

The Museum Building was built as the original workshop for the Guthrie County Conservation and is basically a garage that has been turned into a Museum.  It's way past time that we pay some attention to this building and improve its appearance both inside and out.  

Visitors Entering Baker 2 School Flag Bike GC Fair Aug 26 2015 Guthrie Center Iowa.jpg

Baker #2 Schoolhouse

Baker #2 was moved to the Guthrie County Fairgrounds in 1958 and has been a favorite stop for many during the fair.  Over the years, the flooding has taken its toll on many buildings on the grounds and the solution has been to build or move to the west.  Plans are in the works to move this little treasure to join the rest of the buildings on the west side.  Stay tuned for more info!   

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