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1890 Youtz Carriage House

Follow along to watch the progress for this project.

Ca. 1893


carriage house encircled.jpg

The original location of the carriage house, center of the block of N 1st Street and Main Street, next to the location of the old Panora water tower. 

In this photo you can see the first Guthrie County Courthouse that was then used as the first Guthrie County High School before being moved across 1st Street and set next to the alley.  It would be used for City Hall for a few years and then sold off and moved to private property and used as a barn.

On the right side of the alley, you see S. D. Nichol's Law Office and the Mayor's Office. These buildings would later be replaced in 1928 by a little brick bungalow that is now owned by our curator.

This photo was taken from the bell tower on the first brick county high school, built in 1877, that was located on the SW corner of Panora's town square.

Ca. 1893

Youtz Carriage House West Side Panora Iowa April 19 2022.jpg

This is the carriage house today.  We are currently looking for ways to save it and relocate it to the GCHV Complex.

January 2023

Youtz Carriage HOuse South and East Side View Panora Iowa April 19 2022.jpg
Youtz Carrige House Inside View Panora Iowa April 19 2022.jpg

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