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1910 Marchant House

Follow along to watch the progress of this project.





Marchant House 2010.jpg

This is the Marchant House in 2010 where Mildred Marchant raised her family and lived for many, many years.  When she passed, her family asked if we would like to purchase the property.  


Work Starting on Marchant House GCHV March 18 2016 Panora Iowa.jpg

The restoration begins.

A new front sidewalk has been added.  Shrubs and other items that had been in the front yard were removed for easier access to the house and roof.

March 2016

Marchant House Phase 1 New Roof July 2 2017.jpg

Tearing off old shingles

July 2017

Front Enclosed Porch Removed Marchant House GCHV July 31 2017 Panora Iowa.jpg

Removing the enclosed porch that was not original to the home.

July 2017

Marchant House Ready for Front Porch Roof August 1 2017.jpg

New roof is complete.  Now it was time to remove the old siding.

July 2017

Removing Siding New Roof Marchant House GCHV July 31 2017 Panora Iowa.jpg
New Roof for Porch Marchant House GCHV Aug 3 2017 Panora Iowa.jpg

New roof for the new front porch complete.  Work on the siding continues.  Pictured are Alex Rodriguez (middle) and two of his workers.

August 2017

Marchant House No Porch New Siding GCHV May 22 2018.jpg

New siding, including the fish scales at the top.

August 2017

Adding Fish Scale Siding Marchant House GCHV July 5 2018 Panora Iowa.jpg
Three Colors Paint Exterior Marchant House GCHV Sept 27 2018 Panora Iowa.jpg

Exterior painted.

September 2017


This spring we will update the electricity to the house and start the interior restoration, complete the exterior work, and also start on the gardens.  We hope to add the 1900 Youtz Carriage House to this project, too.

Spring 2023

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