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The Historical Village and the GCHV Foundation

The Historical Village

The Guthrie County Historical Village, located on a beautiful 4-acre complex on the southwest side of Panora, Iowa, near the Middle Raccoon River and old Lenon Mill Park, features ten buildings, numerous exhibits, and thousands of artifacts that explore the history of Guthrie County from 1850 to the early-20th Century.  The majority of our collection has been donated by families and friends in the surrounding communities. If you have not visited the museum recently, we encourage you to take time from your busy schedule to take a stroll through our lovely, little village.

The museum started in 1968 with the acquisition of the Panora Depot from the Milwaukee Railroad.  The depot was moved 10 blocks to its current location, 4 acres of land that was donated by the City of Panora.  50 years later, our Village has grown from one building at the "Turn of the Century Museum" staffed only by volunteers to a county-wide "Guthrie County Historical Village and Museum" featuring buildings from all over our county that have been carefully restored to their former glory.   We still have volunteers to help maintain the Village but we also have a full-time Museum Curator who is in charge of our projects and programs, new exhibits, and even the gardens.  

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GCHV Staff

GCHV Staff


Kristine Jorgensen, Curator

Panora, Iowa

Kristine has been the Museum Curator for the GCHV for 20 years and has been a part of some of our biggest projects, including the Batschelet Law Office and the Pullman Train Car.   She is currently working on the 1910 Marchant House and our newest project, the 1900 Youtz Carriage House.


Teddy Teacup, Security

Panora, Iowa

Teddy has been our Security Officer for over 14 years.  His effectiveness has been debatable but his adorableness has never been in question.

GCHV Foundation

The GCHV Foundation

The Guthrie County Historical Village Foundation was formed in 1986 as a 501(c)3( )nonprofit group with the mission to provide a consistent source of funds to support the Historical Village and its projects.


The foundation consists of a five-member volunteer board appointed by the Guthrie County Conservation Board.   


While the Guthrie County Supervisors offer support in the form of the museum curator’s salary and basic maintenance and upkeep, the foundation provides the funding for all restoration and maintenance of all current and future buildings and projects.

The GCHVF is always looking for donations. Please check out our info about making a tax-deductible donation to the GCHVF:  

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Board of Directors

GCHV Foundation Board

2022-2023 Board Members


Alex Krueger, President

Bagley, Iowa

Alex has served on the board for 28 years and has been the coordinator of many of the new projects, including the Pullman car.


Doug Long, Vice President

Panora, Iowa

Doug has served on the board for 5 years and has been instrumental in the placement of new lights and a security system.


Nancy Smith, Sec/Treas

Guthrie Center, Iowa

Nancy has served on the board for 14 years and is a volunteer and coordinator of special events held at the Village.


Rod Stanley

Panora, Iowa

Rod has served on the board for 3 years and is active with educational programs for the  Village, as well as other museums, including the Dexter Museum from his hometown.


Curtis Thornberry

Panora, Iowa

Curtis is our newest member, although he previously served on the board, and is active with educational programs.

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Brad Halterman, GCCB Director

Panora, Iowa

Brad has been the director of Guthrie County Conservation for the last 4 years and represents the GCC Board at the monthly GCHV Foundation meetings.

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